Thursday, October 27, 2011

London Film Festival, Diwali, Globe theatre and Millenium Bridge

Sooo it's been an eventful few days! Yesterday, of course, was Diwali. To all my Indians out there, HAPPY DIWALIIIII. What up. So exciting. London goes CUH-RAZYYY for Diwali. There were fireworks all night that I got to watch from the comfort of my cousin's home. I was supposed to be at the temple with her but was running late (typical). I'm hoping to visit the temple at some point though because it's the largest Hindu temple in the WORLD. Legit.

Anyway, yesterday, we went to go see Hunky Dory at the London Film Festival. It was so good and on a bonus note, the director was there and introduced the film to us. It stars Minnie Driver and if it comes to a theatre in the US, y'all should definitely check it out. This is my third movie at the BFI London Film Festival because as my biffles back home, Jake and Taylor Seale can tell you, I'm kind of a movie buff. The other films I saw were Chicken with Plums (probably the most incredible film I've ever seen) and Martha Marcy May Marlene which I've been dying to see for months so finally watching it was great. It's a very creepy film but impeccably acted. Elizabeth Olsen (MK AND A'S LITTLE SIS-WHAT) plays Martha and does such a heartbreaking job. Another film that I've seen since being in London is Drive with Ryan Gosling. Definitely worth the money as well. All action: guns, cars, and robberies with little to no dialogue. It's "bloody brilliant," as the Brits would say.

After Hunky Dory (sorry got a little off track), we went to dinner at Giraffe near the Waterloo Bridge which was delicious! I had a burrito and we all split the bruschetta and literally were too stuffed to move afterwards. I had to get to my cousin's though, so I paid and left. I had a little time to kill (or so I thought) so I walked the Waterloo Bridge overlooking the Thames River and it was so beautiful, I almost couldn't stand it. Seeing the London skyline at night makes you realize what a huge city it actually is. I did have a tourist moment though and was totally sure I was walking the Millennium Bridge (because the Waterloo Bridge kinnddd of looks like it) and asked someone when they had reconstructed it but turns was the wrong bridge. Oh well, still an amazing time.

Afterwards, I went to my cousin's...was super late so missed an epic fireworks show at the temple but I loved being able to sit in a living room (have I mentioned my apartment doesn't have one?) and just relax for the first time in a while. It was really nice. I also got to spend Diwali with family which is great because being away from my mom, dad, and sister is so hard sometimes.

Today, my theatre class went to the Globe Theatre and I FINALLY WALKED THE MILLENNIUM BRIDGE. So excited to check that one off my list. But the Globe Theatre is in South Bank and surprisingly is not the original Globe where Shakespeare put on plays but a historically-accurate reconstruction of the Globe. There's your Jeopardy trivia for the week. But it was really cool, aside from the fact that there's construction going on and therefore half of the stage was obstructed from view. Whatevs. You win some, you lose some. I spent the rest of the day in class, which was pretty uneventful and I'm about to go to sleep so I can go see Laura Marling tomorrow with Olivia!! Whoohoo! Should be so much fun. Laura Marling is a British singer who is amazing so I'm very excited. It's out in Liverpool though so I have to get up at 4 am to get there. Rough life. But it'll be worth it.

Still looking for people to go to Wiz Khalifa...anyone in London, holla at your girl!

Thinking of everyone while in London!

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